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The Finance Business is based in the heart of Merseyside.

Although we operate remotely, we welcome a face to face visit at our office should you require it and with the opening of our new London office, we should be able to accommodate most requests.

How This Works

We approach lenders on your behalf. This can include high street banks (that you will have heard of), specialist lenders (who you may have heard of) and private funders (who you definitely will not have heard of). This is where our expertise comes iinto play. We know our stuff!

We will usually need your proof of ID (passport or driving licence) and proof of address (utility bill dated within the last 3 months). Once you have satisfied them, you are good to go. All of this can be done by email with no requirement for you to speak to us at all. 


We work with our clients on an exclusive basis. Processing your commercial mortgage application or bridging loan application to more than 1 broker can damage your reputation with lenders should it be submitted to the same lender. The fact is this; If you have placed your application with us and another broker, we will not work with you.

Application Fee

All applications/enquiries to us incur a fee of £395. Pay it or don’t work with us, it’ that simple. If you cannot afford the £395 fee, you shouldn’t be looking for finance. You aren’t  paying a fee for the sake of a bit of a paper, you are paying for our know-how, knowledge and contacts and in the world of commercial finance, knowing who to speak to is the single most important thing in the whole transaction.

Depending on what your specific requirements are, we then will contact 1-4 lenders. They will quote us their terms, rates and fees allowing you to make a choice. We are happy to discuss our findings with you over the phone, email or meeting to see if these are suitable or how we can maybe tailor something different for you if circumstances have changed since our initial discussion.


If acceptable – the next step is going to valuation. Not all lenders we work with require a valuation but most do. Once the valuation report is back and the lender has met/interviewed the borrower (not all lenders require this) we will then be in a position to have an Heads of Terms (basically an offer letter) for you to sign with us or with your solicitor to start the legal process unless it has already started.

Fees and Costs

£395 application fee – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Why do we charge a fee?

Because we are good at what we do. A lot of time wasters get in touch with us and frankly, we cannot be bothered wasting our time on people who have no idea what they are doing or who are not serious about this. This is a serious business and we only deal with deal makers. We want to make money – you want to make money. It’s not rocket science is it?

Property Finance Made Simple
Property Finance Made Simple