No Broker Fees on any of our loans

Our approach to commercial mortgage lending is simple.

If we get your loan completed and paid out, you pay us a success fee.

If we don’t then you don’t pay any fees at all…A truly no risk approach to mortgage lending.

That means you can apply to us for a commercial mortgage, development finance loan or bridging loan and we will do our very best to find you the right mortgage deal at the right price.

If we do then great, we will all be happy and the success fee that you would pay us will come out of the loan amount at the end.

However, if we are unable to place your deal with a lender and simply can’t complete your loan and get you what you want, you will pay absolutely nothing to us.

Most brokers charge broker fees – we won’t

These broker fees tend to be paid upfront, right at the beginning, even before they have found you a loan or mortgage. There is no guarantee that they will and yet you will still be charged a fee.

When you apply for a loan or mortgage with The Finance Business, you will not be charged any upfront fees or broker fees.

Let’s give you an idea on what you will save…

If you are looking to borrow £825,000 to purchase an old property that you intend to refurbish and modernise, you may be looking at a healthy profit.

The broker (the nasty type who charge broker fees) may charge you a broker fee of 1.5%. Whilst this fee is only paid on the back end, i.e. When the loan has completed and paid out, this fee will COST YOU £12,375.

A £12,375 broker fee that you will have to pay and this fee will come off the loan amount you have been offered. So the £825,000 you are looking to borrow will actually be a NET £812,625.

What does this mean to you?

Well, the broker fee you have been charged (which is coming off your loan) means that you will have to find an additional £12,375 to make up the shortfall.

We agree. It’s rubbish which is why we never, ever charge broker fees.

Simple, Transparent Commercial Mortgage Broker Service

What you see with us is what you get and there are no hidden fees or similar.

So…Get in touch with us today on 0151 329 3964 and speak to the original, no broker fee – no upfront fee, commercial mortgage funder.

If you prefer, call into our Liverpool offices at 54 St James Street, Liverpool. L1 0AB

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