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We can fund your project up to 100% of all costs


Joint Venture Property Funding is a unique way of funding a property project without using any of your own cash. Or at the very least, putting in just 10% as opposed to the usual 35%.  

We are leaders in JV property funding in the UK.

We do this by arranging a traditional bridging loan or development finance loan and then we go to our vast investor network and request an additional 25% or 35% investment from them.

All you have to do as the borrower is put in 10% and occasionally, 0% as our investors will provide everything over and above the lender.

If you are looking for JV finance or for investors to allow you to buy and build a property with just a little of your own cash, then we can help.

However, be warned.

We will not work with time wasters and if we feel your intentions are not serious, we will walk away and not allow you access to our database of investors ever again.

But if you are serious, you can make a heck of a lot of money with our help and support.

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The Finance Business Commercial Mortgage Broker

We are JV Finance experts. No one in the UK has access to our lending panel (made up of high street, alternative, specialist, private and family office lenders) and 3k+ database of private UK investors.

What we can do on your Joint Venture Property Finance project:

  • Heads of Terms from Lenders produced  the same day you apply
  • Access to our 3,000+ database of private UK investors
  • Bridging Loans from £100,000 to £50m
  • Monthly interest rates from just 0.49%
  • Loans available on residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Mezzanine lenders to fund ‘the gap’ in what you can borrow and what you can input yourself
  • We can also fund farms, farmland, agricultural land in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Industrial units and industrial estates in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Land with or without planning including planning gain applications
  • Bridging loans up to 75% LTV…NET
  • Interest can be rolled up (paid at the end when you sell or refinance the property), deducted from the initial loan or serviced (paid monthly)
  • Joint Venture (JV) finance where you don’t have to put a single penny into the project but you share the profit at the back end
  • 100% of purchase price
  • Loan terms from 3 months to 15 years
  • Portfolio bridging available if you have a number of properties that need refinancing
  • Bespoke, speedy service for large bridging loans above £1m



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joint Venture Funding?

A joint venture loan is where a private investor (someone with a bit of cash who wants better interest returns than their bank or building society can give them) decides to invest a property project.

They will come in individually to invest a % of the property value along with a number of other private investors.

They usually will ‘top up’ a project so that the borrower gets a loan such as a bridging loan or development finance loan of up to 65%, the investors or group of investors (usually more than 1 investor on each project) put in 25% and the borrower puts in 10%.

It’s important that the borrower puts in 10% as this is considered ‘hurt money’, i.e. money that will hurt the borrower if the project went bad and that normally ensures that the borrower has undertaken enough due diligence for the project to work.

How much can I borrow with a bridging loan?

You can borrow anything from £100,000 right up to £10m usually. Of course, some brokers will make out that you can borrow up to £50m but that usually only applies with development finance, not bridging.

Do banks offer bridging loans?

If only! Everyone asks this question but the simple answer is no, they don’t. The usual excuse is that offering a bridging loan is riskier than offering a residential mortgage for example and we get that.

However, if you choose the borrower carefully, the quality of the asset or security is good and you do your usual lender due diligence, then there is absolutely no reason at all why banks and other high street lenders should’t offer bridging loans.

Are bridging loans expensive?

Compared to a normal mortgage then yes, they are.

But you have to remember…These are risky products for lenders. Yes, if it goes well then both the borrower and the lender can earn a LOT OF MONEY. However, if they get the deal wrong then both the lender and borrower could be in a lot of trouble.

Do you charge broker fees?

Nope. We are professional mortgage brokers. We know and understand bridging finance, commercial mortgages and development finance inside out.

So if you want to work with us, you are serious then all is good and we will not charge a broker fee. 


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