Commercial Mortgages

Mortgages From £50,000 to £50m

Commercial Mortgages can be used for... Buying the property you trade from


Commercial Mortgages are used to buy a building or land and have the finance spread out over a much longer period than say a bridging or development loan.

Unlike bridging loans or development finance which only come with 12 month or 18 month loan terms, commercial mortgages can be taken over 30 years.

They are used to help borrowers purchase commercial property, perhaps the building they are working from or looking to trade from, or to buy property where the they are looking to retain if for a long period of time.

Also, their pricing structure is vastly different to bridging loans or property development finance, both of which are expensive compared to a commercial mortgage.

The Finance Business Commercial Mortgage Broker

We are the ‘goto’ finance broker for property professionals throughout the UK looking to fund residential, commercial & industrial property.

Our Commercial Mortgage Summary:

  • Heads of Terms from Lenders produced  the same day you apply
  • Commercial Mortgages from £50,000 to £50m
  • Annual Interest rates from just 3.65%
  • Loans available on owner occupied commercial property
  • We can also fund farms, farmland, agricultural land in England, Wales and Scotland
  • Industrial units and industrial estates in England, Scotland and Wales
  • We can also arrange funding on holiday homes, offices, warehouses, factories, retail units, restaurants, blocks of flats, caravan sites, care homes, golf courses and trampoline parks
  • Land with or without planning
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Interest can be rolled up (paid at the end when you sell or refinance the property), deducted from the initial loan or serviced (paid monthly)
  • Joint Venture (JV) finance
  • Loan terms from 12 months to 30 years
  • Portfolio bridging available if you have a number of properties that need refinancing
  • Bespoke, speedy service for large bridging loans above £1m

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Commercial Mortgage?

Commercial Mortgages are a type of funding that allows you to buy a property or land and spread the cost over a longer term, much like a residential mortgage for example, where your borrowing can be taken over up to 30 years.

The usual use of a commercial mortgage is where a business is trading from rented premises. Perhaps a garage owner renting a workshop from a local landlord or a shop owner who is renting the downstairs shop but would like to buy the whole building and rent out the flat above the shop to make extra money.

How much can I borrow with a Commercial Mortgage?

You can borrow anything from £500,000 right up to £50m usually. Of course, some brokers will make out that you can borrow more than £50m but like any loan, the more you want to borrow, the greater the scrutiny and underwriting will be from the lender.

Do banks offer Commercial Mortgages?

Yes they do. Unusually, compared to a bridging loan or development finance, Commercial Mortgages are only offered by banks and building societies such as Lloyds, RBS, Natwest, Aldermore, Metro Bank, Nationwide, Norwich & Peterborough, etc.

Are Commercial Mortgages expensive?

Compared to a normal mortgage then yes, they are.

Compared to a bridging loan or development finance? Not at all. Whereas those products come in at around 12% pa, a commercial mortgage can be taken at just 2.49% pa. When you calculate that on a large loan of £10m, it can make a huge difference, sometimes hundreds of thousands of pound.

That is money that you can spend elsewhere.

Do you charge broker fees?

Nope. We are professional mortgage brokers. We know and understand commercial mortgages, bridging finance and development finance inside out.

So if you want to work with us, you are serious then all is good and we will not charge a broker fee. 


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